Town Assessor

Assessor – Becky A. Herzog-Ottens


Address: 91 Second Street,
Deposit, NY 13754


Phone: (607) 467-5093
Fax: (607) 467-5414

Office Hours

Wednesdays and Fridays
8:30 am to 12:00 pm – Call ahead

STAR Credit Check

Do you want to save money?  If you have the Basic STAR or the Enhanced STAR exemption, you need to switch to the STAR credit check. You will save money.  To register please call 518-457-2036 or go online at:       Please read the attached sheet, it will explain everything.

If you need help please call the Town Assessor at 607-467-5093 on Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 12pm.


Information on assessment for properties in the Town, such as property tax records, tax maps and property tax exemptions, is available at or during regular office hours in the Assessor’s Office at the Town Hall.

Exemptions:   The filing deadline for all exemptions is March 1st of each year.  Forms are available below and at

Partial property tax exemptions are available to property owners in the Town of Sanford who meet certain eligibility requirements.  The most common exemptions are described below:

The most common exemption is the Basic STAR exemption, which applies to school taxes and is available to almost all owner occupied residential properties.  THIS EXEMPTION WAS RECENTLY CHANGED FROM AN EXEMPTION TO A CREDIT FOR NEW OWNERS APPLYING AFTER MARCH 1, 2015.  New owners must apply online at the link below or by phone (518) 457-2036 with the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance. 

You can no longer apply for a Basic STAR Exemption with the Assessor.

New Basic STAR Credit

This exemption (or credit) need only be applied for once and stays in effect as long as the property remains your primary residence (and income does not exceed $500,000.)

The next most common is the Enhanced STAR exemption, which also applies to school taxes and is available to most Seniors age 65 and over.  ( Within the calendar year of turning 65, you must file for the Enhanced STAR before March 1st.)  This exemption is more than double the Basic STAR exemption and requires yearly proof that income is below $86,300; see form below.

Next is the Senior Citizens or Aged exemption, which is also available to Seniors age 65 and over (same age limit as Enhanced STAR) and applies to most all property taxes: county, town and school; (but not all special district taxes.)  This exemption must be renewed annually to prove income is below $31,499.

The Veteran’s exemption is applicable to town, county taxes and the village taxes.  Most applicants need only apply once to receive this exemption on a yearly basis.  There is a Cold War Veteran’s Exemption, which covers most veterans not previously eligible for the Alternative Funds Veteran’s Exemption.  Veterans who receive an exemption based on a disability are required to submit verification each year, except for those with permanent disability ratings.

Other less common exemptions include agricultural land & buildings, non profit organizations, and low income disability exemptions.

Filing deadline for all exemptions is March 1st of each year.   (The STAR tax credit may have a different deadline.)  Check at

Assessment Calendar

The annual Town assessment calendar is as follows:

  • Taxable Status Date: March 1st
    (This is the deadline for all exemption applications, splits and combinations.)
  • Tentative Assessment Roll Filed: May 1st
    (This contains the tentative assessments which will become final if the property owner does not file a grievance.)
  • Grievance Day: Fourth Tuesday in May
    (An appointment for Grievance Day will be made when a property owner presents a completed RP-524 form to the Assessor.)
  • Final Assessment Roll Filed: July 1st
    (This contains the final assessments used for school taxes in September and Town and County taxes in January.)