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Text the Town of Sanford, NY

Skip a phone call and use your mobile phone’s text messaging service to find information and report issues on the go.

Access Information

You can send a text message to the Town using simple keywords to find information such as: COURT, PERMIT, LIBRARY, ASSESOR, or SEWER.

Report Issues

Easily report an issue to the Town by texting REPORT or an issue-specific keyword such as: CODE VIOLATION, TREE DOWN, ANIMAL CONTROL, TALL GRASS, or POTHOLE.

24/7 Texting Service

Smart texting technology identifies keywords texted in to provide immediate assistance. It can relay information back to you or guide you through a few steps to complete a report.

Get Started

Text to the Town of Sanford at: 607.298.8222

Save our number to your phone and text HI anytime you need it.

Msg & Data rates apply. View terms and privacy policy info at: textmygov.com/opt-in-terms-conditions/

Get Notifications from the Town!

Text “SANFORD” to 91896 to receive Town-wide Notifications

Text “SANFORDSEWER” to 91896 to receive Oquaga Lake Sewer District Notifications*

*Joining the SANFORDSEWER Notifications group will automatically allow you to also receive Town-Wide Notifications in addition to Oquaga Lake Sewer District Notifications. There is no need to join both lists.